The Boring Game is literally, a boring game. All you do it stare at a flower on the windowsill and for every second you gain a point my mousing over the flower, therefore "looking at it". There is no plot. The only thing that makes the game not boring is the stuff going on outside the window. The more points you get, the more interesting stuff happens in the background. There is also an end-game event.

End-Game EventEdit

The end-game event is an event once you have racked up one trillion points. Here is what happens:

Outside the window, a tornado comes and lightning strikes. The tornado rips apart homes and people scream. The tornado launches a rock shattering the window, therefore knocking over the flower and making the pot crack. The player then looks left to reveal a locked door. The player climbs out the window to escape the home, as the tornado fades away, making a house collide with the locked house to end the game.

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