Office Hours is the first game in the Office Hours series.


You play the role as a child who sneaks into his father's car to see a glimpse of him at work.


When you start the game in the car, duck below one of the seats so your father cannot see you. Then the father starts to park and look behind the car. You have to hide under the car seat.

After that, go to Cubicle 104 and dash to other desks, avoiding the workers. Then, you lose your father in a meeting. So you must continue to hide to get to the meeting. Once there, hide behind one of the plants or under the table. When the meeting is over, hide behind the plant and sneak into the hallway where there is a table.

Hide under the table and quickly dash to the elevator your father is in while he checks his bags. Hide behind him and wait.

Once there, you see a brain behind a glass sucking power from the employees. Then you must hide under the control panel and switch the machine off. The brain then cracks and explodes. Then one of the workers catch you, so you must run all the way back up, out of the office and hide in the car the ride home.

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