Lost in the Forest is the first roleplay of Chrome and Bagel Roleplays ever held, and there is no footage of it happening.


Bagel is in his house when Chrome storms through the ceiling, and later crashes down the door. He holds up a plate of "tater tots" which are actually burnt potato chips. He also has burnt dip.

Chrome tells Bagel that a Picnic Party Pizza Parlor is going on in the forest. Chrome and Bagel then get lost in the forest looking for the party. They see red crayons and get lost in a circle. A talking tree is seen also.

Eventually, Chrome starts getting serious and hears the party, but notices a red crayoned tree with a hole in it. Bagel sees Gum, and asks for help. Gum can fit in the hole and has a camera. Chrome and Bagel watch as loud screaming is heard.

Chrome and Bagel head down the hole, which they can fit, ironically (since Chrome is too big and Bagel would have his hat knocked off if when he went in). They see a photo of space and a homemade bed. In another room they see pictures of the lives of Chrome, Bagel and their friends. A crayoned out photo is next to an explosion, and Zing-Whatt blows on it, making the crayon fall off. So then dust is on the photo, which gets blown off too, and the photo is Chrome and Bagel in a rocket. So Chrome has to find a rocket since the photo before that was what they're doing right now.

A rocket lands on the tree while Chrome and Bagel climb out, and they get in the rocket. They land on a metal planet and find Marx blown into the metal planet, which is NOVA. Earth explodes, but it was just Fake Earth because of cartoon logic, or in this case, roleplay logic.

Marx comes back as Marx Soul and is defeated. Marx lands on Earth normal as Chrome tries to get Hagel to say Dinkleberg. However, Hagel only says "Boogaberg!" since he can only talk in Boogas and Hoogas. So Chrome notices Marx land and has a bet with him, saying if Marx can get Hagel to say Dinkleberg, he gets a wish.

So Marx says AVGHAVGHAVGHAVGH and Hagel says Dinkleberg. Chrome is forced to take Marx to NOVA. Chrome pleads not to let Marx wish to rule the universe, but he does anyways.

To stop Marx, Chrome wishes to rule the universe instead, and Marx is sent back to Earth normal, and everyone is except Chrome. Chrome then cannot undo his wish, and is stuck with wings and is the ruler of the universe. (This roleplay is still going on, and if anyone cares enough to see the rest of it, check to see us on chat.)

Chrome with wings, ruling the universe.

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