A painting of what Darkness seems to be

is some sort of unknown species/creature that throughout the games, shows, toys and movies has been effecting the entire company somehow.


Darkness' plan or purpose seems to be unknown. On a Chrome the Company fan website, a page made for Darkness' actions are explained from the knowledge of what has been happening to the company.

"So Darkness has been appearing in every episode of Weirdworld, pretty much. AND IT IS GETTING VERY ANNOYING. I mean, one episode can't go past without Tomato mentioning how something appeared in his backyard or how he saw it in the toilet at night. So here's my suggestions for what exactly the heck is going on.

Number 1: Darkness is trying to sabotage Chrome the Company. This is hinted because during the episode "The Big Race of The Things", claws are dragging a smart carrot named... Carrot inside a machine. Maybe to cancel the show to start something?

Number 2: Darkness is PURE EVIL. Darkness has NEVER SHOWN ANY COMIC RELIEF OR EVEN CAME UP TO DO SOMETHING other then dragging Carrot into a machine. Darkness is NOT in the mood for jokes. Ever. Knock knock, who's there, angry guy, angry guy who, ANGRY GUY YOU.

Number 3: Darkness is not real. Darkness might just be imagined by an employee who wanted to put it in as a joke.

Number 4: Darkness is a prank and added just so Chrome or some employee like Bagel or John can look up the theories (just like this one. IF YOU'RE OUT THERE I WILL RIP YOUR--)

Number 5: Darkness is a supervillain. Darkness might be a supervillain."


Darkness has been "appearing" in several things Chrome the Company has made.


  • In the Racetrack Riders Color Changing Action set, the box has little inky spots in the corners of the box. In the same spot on the inside of the box there is what seems to be tiny jars of ink.
  • In Pixel 2, inside a window appears an entirely dark room. If you use noclip to get inside, there is a decal below the bed with some light beneath it. This might be a reference to monsters under the bed at nighttime, which kids are usually afraid of.
  • In Weirdworld, in the opening scene one of the pumps that Tomato is building explodes, and reveals inky liquid spewing out.
    • Also, in the toy set for the exact same laboratory, the tube has actual ink inside it.
  • In Weirdworld, one of the five main characters (Carrot) is absent for one episode. At the opening scene, inky claws are seen dragging Carrot behind the laboratory's machinery for a brief moment. It is VERY hard to see because it goes on very quickly and is in the blurred background.
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