Chrome and Bagel Plus Kirby is the result of a collaboration with Chrome the Company and Nintendo.


Chrome and Bagel are having a Picnic Party Pizza Parlor after defeating some sort of universal threat. Afterwards, Bagel finds some sort of fuzz spread in a path. The fuzz leads directly outside the party. Bagel, being curious, bumps into Kirby following this trail. Kirby needs help opening a Maxim Tomato's box. Bagel then smashes the box to reveal the tomato. Kirby notices the fuzz trail and decides to eat the fuzz. Chrome then blasts the fuzz with a laser and notices Kirby about to eat it.

Chrome then backs away slowly before a pop is heard in the distance. Chrome and Bagel follow the fuzz trail while Kirby eats his tomato. The fuzz trail goes on for an entire world, and eventually Kirby joins to help. The fuzz runs out and a popped ball is at the end of the trail.

Bagel sees a figure buying a new ball from a toy store. Bagel then notices the figure is locked in the store, so Chrome and Bagel find a way in and greet the figure, who is obviously Marx. Marx spots Kirby outside the window and breaks it, tackling Kirby.

Marx steals Kirby's things and runs off far and wide across the globe (over 7 more worlds) until Marx climbs aboard a rocket to space. Chrome hitches a ride as Kirby eats the control panel, making the rocket crash into NOVA. Marx then grants a wish: not just to rule Earth and Popstar, but the entire universe. This wish cannot be granted however, and NOVA is set to self-destruct in five minutes. So Bagel and Chrome get out of NOVA at the right time, before NOVA explodes, sending Marx crashing to Earth. Chrome and Bagel hitch a ride on a gear and land to Earth. However, they are stranded in the desert. They soon wander around to find Marx, who then scurries off to the Picnic Party Pizza Parlor. Marx then trips and notices NOVA's clock going to crash into Marx. So Chrome saves Marx just before the clock hits the ground. Marx then notices a little bit of power left in the clock.

Marx makes the wish to rule the universe again, and it works. Marx is transformed so he is a combination of Lord Zorgu and Magolor Soul. After being defeated, Marx is rocketed into space and collides with Pluto, and the impact explodes a section of Pluto, supposedly killing off Marx.

After, another Picnic Party Pizza Parlor is held as credits roll.


  • When Chrome the Company and Nintendo collaborated, they had a meeting to discuss which game they should crossover with.
    • Chrome answered with: "Mario's overused, Pokemon's too dangerous, Animal Crossing might be too boring, Pikmin might get annoying, but Kirby... I see potential."
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