Anagmar is Bagel's alleged best friend in Chrome and Bagel Adventures 2: Secrets of the Galaxy.

Anagmar holding a stick.


Anagmar is a blueberry from Foodtopia with no arms and no legs, just hands and feet. His most notable feature is his green hat with a yellow spike on the left and a leather purple spike on the right. A black line separates the hat from the rest of his body. He holds a stick in his right hand because Chrome gave it to him as a gift.


Anagmar was born on Earth on Foodtopia, the same place where Bagel was born. With a smile, he was one of the food babies sent away to space. Allegedly, Bagel and Anagmar were next to each other's space pods the entire ride to Earth.

Anagmar was smarter then Bagel, but grew to be dumbfounded when a piece of scrap metal bonked into his head. He got his hat from his parents before the space mouth ate them. He keeps it on as a memory of them, since when the mouth spat out the planet along with many others, they weren't seen.

Anagmar, when on Earth, saw Bagel, crashed into an alien's yard. As Anagmar studied what Bagel was doing, after a few minutes he introduced himself when his newly gained friends left.

Bagel thought it was suspicious at first, but Anagmar revealed that his pod was close to Bagel's, and saw him sometimes. Bagel seems to remember a blueberry in a ship, but came up with a story that it was from a storybook. After a few years when Bagel meets Chrome, the events of Chrome and Bagel Adventures 2: Secrets Of The Galaxy.


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